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Crokinole Seconds

Crokinole Cues - Set of 2

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A fun way to play Crokinole or for players with limited finger mobility. This cue is at optimal length - 16.8" and has a hard plastic tip. This cue also has a nice bevelled gripper on the end. No rubber tip because rubber will often leave a black mark on the crokinole board's playing surface.


  • 1 cue (update the quantity to get 2+ cues)
  • 16.8" long is the optimal length for crokinole cues
  • Hard plastic tip - not rubber since rubber leaves marks on the crokinole board's playing surface
  • Bevelled gripper on the end
  • Made in Canada

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Why is this product a 2nd?

This product is NOT a 2nd but is a popular crokinole accessory.

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