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Super Slingpuck (Includes Board, Discs, Pouch & Rules)

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Rustik Super Slingpuck is handcrafted with care in the Rustik Canadian Factory. 

The goal of slingpuck is to be the first to shoot all your pucks into your opponent's camp! A simple 2 player game.

How to play

1,2,3 GO! Both players clap their hands and the game begins. Using only one hand, the players simultaneously shoot their pucks through the hatch, using the elastic band. The other hand can lay on the wooden frame so as to stabilize it.

Pucks will travel from one camp to another. A puck that has crossed the hatch can be picked up by the opponent and shot back into the initial camp. To win the game, one player has to empty its camp of all his pucks.


  • Super Slingpuck Board - 32 1/8 inches long by 14 5/8 inches wide
  • 2 Elastic bands
  • 10 pucks
  • Puck pouch
  • Rules / instructions

Quality of Materials

Moldings made of Canadian Torrefied Lumber. But what is torrefied lumber?

Wood torrefaction produces a colouration similar to that of dyeing, but without the use of chemicals during manufacturing. This makes it 100% safe for water, air, soil, and our health. This technique colours and enhances the wood grain while being 100% natural and eco-friendly. Torrefaction also stabilizes the wood, preventing it from warping over time. Please take note of the natural wood scent that the process enhances.

The Torrefaction Process:

The wood torrefaction process consists of heating the wood to very high temperatures (190-240 C). The wood colouration then depends on the cooking time. Before it is torrefied, the wood is dried, bringing it to 6 to 10% humidity, then torrefied until the wood reaches 0% humidity. To restore its natural flexibility, the wood is then partially re-moistened.

Watch it in action!

Video Review:

Shipping & Returns

Returns accepted for items damaged in transit only.

Care Instructions

Clean with warm, soapy water and cloth. Dry immediately thereafter.