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Carrom Canada

Beginner Carrom / Pinnochi Board Set - American Style

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This is a Carrom Board similar to the one produced by the Carrom Company in Michigan. It comes with a board that is 30.75 inches and a playing surface of 29 inches. It has a nice lazy susan built into it as well as sliding powder. It comes with an abundance of discs (including a drawstring pouch) and 2 optional carrom cues for the American style play.

This game is a combination of two classic board games - carrom and pinnochi. The object of this "finger pool" game is to strike a larger disc so that it contacts lighter discs and propels them into 1 of 4 corner pockets. But you must sink your pieces before the opponent sinks theirs. Plus, the queen must be pocketed and "covered" by pocketing one of one's own pieces on the same or a subsequent shot. It is a very historic game, first played in India.


  • Durable MDF board
  • 30.75 inches wide with a 29 inch playing surface
  • 30 game pieces with a storage pouch
  • Wooden striker
  • Sliding powder
  • Rules for carrom and pinnochi included
  • Measures 31 1/2" x 31 1/2"
  • Built in lazy susan to easily align your shot
  • Made in Canada
  • Ages 6 and up can play

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Why is this board a second?

This board is a second for the following reason. The blemish will slightly affect the play and performance of the board:

1) Aesthetic blemishes that do NOT affect play.
Includes but not limited to:
- dent / gouge / chip in the ditch or on the back

2) Blemishes that DO affect play (on the playing surface)
Includes but not limited to:
- a small gouge / dent

3) There are a few small cracks on the very edge of the playing surface by the rails / frame of the board (does not affect play)

4) Shipping damages that include but are not limited to:
- a crack on the rail / frame of the board
- a dented pocket rail
- a rip / hole in the netting of the pocket


Canadian Maple

Shipping & Returns

5-8 business days to USA / Canada. All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged beyond repair in shipping.


30.1875 inches wide
26 inch wide playing surface
.5 inch tall playing surfacce
1.375 inch hole
1.25 inch diameter x .375 inch thick playing pieces

Care Instructions

To clean use warm, soapy water on a cloth. Dry immediately thereafter.

To speed up the board, use Mother's California Gold Spray Wax and apply the same way you would when waxing a car.

Crokinole Seconds

All of the crokinole boards on Crokinole Seconds are brand new boards with natural wood blemishes or slight asthetic defects from the manufacturing process.

The crokinole boards play normally but may have a small crack here or a blemish mark there. Or have something entirely unusual about them.

Wood is naturally imperfect and no one crokinole board is perfect!

That's why our tagline is "nearly perfect crokinole boards for less!".

  • Shipping

    Ship speed for boards is generally 2-5 business days to Canada and 5-8 business days to the USA.

  • Returns

    All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged in shipping.

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