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Crokinole Seconds

The Walnut Gold Standard (White Lines) - Traditional Octagon Crokinole Board Game Set

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The Walnut Gold Standard is a beautiful-looking, traditional octagon crokinole board. It features a walnut surface and rails. The lines and numbers on the board are UV light printed. It has bouncy, latex-covered posts. The back of the board features a checkerboard. This board comes with everything you need to play including the rules.


  • Traditional octagon crokinole board  with a 24" playing surface
  • Comes with 26 small black and natural colored playing pieces and a pouch. Small discs are 1 1/8'' diameter (2.9cm)
  • Points on the front
  • Checkers on the back
  • Made in Canada
  • Comes with rules in French / English
  • Comes with scoring cards within the rules

Playing Pieces Color Options:

  • Black, Natural, Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Lime Green, and Walnut Stain
  • Please let us know in the order notes using the colors above if you would prefer different colors than the black and natural that we send with each board by default.

    Video Preview:

      Why is this board a second?

      This board is a second for one of the following reasons. All of these blemishes either will not affect play, or slightly affect the play and performance of the board:

      1) Aesthetic blemishes that do NOT affect play.
      Includes but not limited to:
      - dent / gouge / chip in the ditch or on the back
      - minor printing blemish
      - wood filler spot / knot
      - etc

      2) Hairline, surface level crack in the ditch or on the back

      3) Natural knots in the wood on the frame

      4) Blemishes that DO affect play (on the playing surface)
      Includes but not limited to:
      - small gouge / dent
      - small bump
      - rough spot


      Canadian Walnut, maple veneer and birch

      Shipping & Returns

      5-8 business days to USA / Canada. All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged beyond repair in shipping.


      28.5 inches wide
      23.75 inch playing surface
      1.25 inch hole
      1 1/8" diameter x 13/32" thick playing pieces

      Care Instructions

      To clean use warm, soapy water on a cloth. Dry immediately thereafter.

      To speed up the board, use Mother's California Gold Spray Wax and apply the same way you would when waxing a car.

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      Crokinole Seconds

      All of the crokinole boards on Crokinole Seconds are brand new boards with natural wood blemishes or slight asthetic defects from the manufacturing process.

      The crokinole boards play normally but may have a small crack here or a blemish mark there. Or have something entirely unusual about them.

      Wood is naturally imperfect and no one crokinole board is perfect!

      That's why our tagline is "nearly perfect crokinole boards for less!".

      • Shipping

        Ship speed for boards is generally 2-5 business days to Canada and 5-8 business days to the USA.

      • Returns

        All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged in shipping.