Come visit our Seconds Showroom!

Visit our Amish-style crokinole house! Come enjoy a tour and see the world's largest crokinole board (certified by Guiness World Records) and a vintage Timothy Eaton crokinole board with a metal rail. We also have beautiful photographic crokinole boards and a wide range of tournament round style crokinole sets and traditional octagon style sets. We also have a whole basement dedicated to Crokinole Seconds so you can choose your 2nds board before you buy!

Our Purpose

Crokinole Seconds sells crokinole boards with slight manufacturing defects or natural blemishes that do not affect the play or barely affect the play of the crokinole board. We make sure to note the severity of the blemish and whether it will affect play or not. See the product page for more information on each product blemish. The imperfections usually just affect the asthetic of the crokinole board. For example - a tiny mark here, or a little hairline crack there. They are brand new boards, directly from the manufacturer.

Our Story

Crokinole Seconds was founded by Ted Fuller, the entrepreneur behind Crokinole Canada and several other businesses. Crokinole Seconds was born out of necessity - Ted found that his stack of slightly blemished or naturally imperfect crokinole boards was piling up and not selling quickly enough. Rather than tagging, photographing, and listing each imperfect board, Ted decided it would be better to categorize the different manufacturing or natural defects on each board and list them accordingly. We have taken photos of each type of blemish and put that picture on each listing it applies to. This is why the company is called Crokinole Seconds, because each board is not perfect and therefore a second.

Why buy from Crokinole Seconds?

For starters, you will get a significantly less expensive, brand new crokinole board. Discounts can range anywhere from $10 to $70 dollars or more depending on the severity of the blemish. Another reason you'd buy from Crokinole Seconds is that the majority of our boards are made in Canada with excellent construction, materials and attention to detail.

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