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Crokinole Seconds

Spray Wax for Speeding Up Crokinole Boards (MDF Boards Only)

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Mothers® Spray Wax is the perfect way to speed up your crokinole board, delivering an even smoother playing surface for mdf crokinole boards.

  • Use this wax for mdf, usually round style crokinole boards
  • Use the paste wax for plywood, usually octagon crokinole boards

Why is this product a 2nd?

This product is NOT a 2nd but is a popular crokinole accessory.

How to Use

First clean your board with warm, soapy water and then dry it with a towel. Then apply a thin layer of this wax the same way you'd wax a car. We recommend this spray wax for the usually round mdf crokinole boards and the paste wax for the usually octagon plywood boards.

Shipping & Returns

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