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Crokinole Seconds

Crokinole Card Game

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Card Game Includes:

  • 2 in 1 - Crokinole Solitaire and Crokinole Elimination Playing Cards
  • Clear instructions
  • 1 blue dice
  • Crokinole board and discs must be purchased separately

Crokinole Card Game
This is the next newest thing coming to Crokinole! Dust off your old board and have some fun and excitement with these two solid crokinole games in one - Crokinole Elimination and Crokinole Solitaire.

Crokinole Elimination
Do you enjoy flicking tons of crokinole discs off the board in sheer madness while sitting around with friends? Well then we have the game for you. Introducing Crokinole Elimination! It's a free for all! Eliminate your opponent's discs before they take you out. Last player standing wins!

Crokinole Solitaire
Do you enjoy practicing 20s over and over again in preparation for the next big tournament or game you're playing in? Then you need Crokinole Solitaire! Improve your skills with this challenging solo player game which advances through various levels to take out your opponent's discs! "Shut the Door" before you become overwhelmed by your opponent! A fantastic and enjoyable game for your crokinole board!

Why is this product a 2nd?

This product is NOT a 2nd but is a popular crokinole accessory.


Black core playing cards with a linen finish. Dice is acrylic.


Box is 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 3/8"

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