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Crokinole Powder Fast Speed Accelerant - 80g Shaker / Container - For Surface & Ditch - Tournament Approved

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This 80g fast speed powder is what is used at crokinole tournaments worldwide. It provides exceptional gameplay, equalizing the speed at which the pucks travel on all tournament boards which have some variation in speed. This powder is a great equalizer. It also really helps speed up old boards with rough surfaces.


  • 80 grams fast speed powder
  • Dispensing container


  • Apply lightly and evenly to the surface of your board. Arrange the powder with your hands as needed to even out the surface.
  • Apply lightly to the ditch as well so that you can rub your discs on the powder.
  • Dispose of by blowing it off into a container for re-use or into the garbage.

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Care Instructions

Clean with warm, soapy water and cloth. Dry immediately thereafter.