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Crokinole Seconds

Lazy Susan for Crokinole Board

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Eliminate the need to perform awkward stretches while making that perfect shot by getting a lazy susan!

  • 12-Inch Lazy Susan 5/16 Thick Turntable Bearings
  • 3/8ths of an inch tall
  • Zinc-plated for resistance to corrosion
  • For Crokinole Boards with a diameter between 15 and 32 inches
  • Load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Mounting screws not required
  • Works with these boards:

Some things to consider when buying a Lazy Susan:

1) Does the spinner have a diameter wide enough to prevent the size board I will be using from depressing (wobble) excessively when my wrist or cue stick is resting on the rim. Our lazy susan does have a wide enough diameter to prevent wobble.

2) Will it support the weight of the board and still spin, and when on the spinner will the board be close enough to the table top that discs will not get lost under the board.  Our lazy susan will support up to 300 pounds and still spin.

- Contributed by Donald S.

Why is this product a 2nd?

This product is NOT a 2nd but is a popular crokinole accessory.

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