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Crokinole Seconds

13 Large Black Crokinole Discs - Half Set (Matte Finish)

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These are quality, hard maple crokinole discs for either round or large traditional crokinole boards. This is a half set of 13 large black discs with a matte finish (not shiny). There is 1 extra disc in the set in case you lose one.

Large Tournament Style Discs:
• Discs are 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick (3.2cm x 0.9cm)
• For NCA Standard boards and Large Traditional / Octagonal boards
• For boards with a 20 hole that is 1 3/8" (3.5cm) and a playing surface of 26" in diameter or more


Why are these seconds?

These are brand new discs that have aesthetic blemishes. None of these blemishes will affect play.

1) Mini discs are quite small and great for kids or new players.

2) The discs with a shiny finish (excluding the mini discs) have poor paint quality.

3) The discs with a matte finish are duller in appearance and the paint wears off of them as they are used.


Larger Tournament Size Discs:

· 1 1/4" diameter x 3/8" thick (3.2cm x 0.9cm)

· For boards with a 20 hole that is 1 3/8" (3.5cm)

· For boards with a playing surface of 26" or more

Smaller Traditional Size Discs:

· 1 1/8" diameter x 3/8" thick (2.9cm wide x 0.9cm thick)

· For boards with a 20 hole that is 1 1/4" (3.2cm)

· For boards with a playing surface of 22-24"



Shipping & Returns

All sales are final. No return on discs.

Care Instructions

Rub a little bit of Mother's Carnauba wax on the discs to make them really fly!

What makes a good crokinole disc?

A good crokinole disc will be consistently cut on each side, meaning that the disc should be flat on either side. All crokinole discs played in tournaments worldwide are flat, not concave or convex on either side. We recommend applying Mother's Carnauba Wax to each disc to ensure very fast sliding action along with the Fast Speed Suffleboard powder we sell. Lightly sprinkle this powder on the surface of the board for tournament style play!

  • Shipping & Returns

    Discs are sent with lettermail which can be slower but is much more cost effective. All disc sales on Crokinole Seconds are final and returns are not accepted if the wrong size is purchased.

  • Two Extra Discs!

    We ship 1 disc of each color in black and natural in order for you to have another disc in case you lose one. Crokinole is played with 24 discs and we send you 26.