• Photographic Crokinole Boards

    Our photographic crokinole boards were slow sellers so we have moved them to clearance. There are absolutely no defects on them. The imagery does not distract from play but many people would not buy them thinking that it would.

  • The Royal Red

    We had many Royal Red Boards come in with a more peachy colored ditch. So they sold slow but there is nothing wrong with them other than that! This is actually a fantastic board with a really consistent and very smooth surface. So if you don't mind the peachy orange ditch, then get this clearance board!

  • The Maple Series

    The blemishes on these boards are very minor and they are hugely marked-down. So it is an honest good deal for anyone who gets one!

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Crokinole Seconds by Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Seconds sells the same boards that Crokinole Canada does except that Crokinole Seconds boards have slight manufacturing or natural blemishes / defects. Most defects do not affect play and we note it if they do. Crokinole Seconds is a division of Crokinole Canada.

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What are Crokinole Seconds?

  • Returns

    All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged in shipping.

  • Shipping Times

    Ship speed for boards is generally 2-5 business days to Canada and 5-8 business days to the USA.

  • Discounts

    All crokinole boards are discounted anywhere from $10 - $70 CAD due to them having minor manufacturing defects, asthetic blemishes, or natural blemishes.

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