Crokinole Seconds by Crokinole Canada

Crokinole Seconds sells the same boards that Crokinole Canada does except that Crokinole Seconds boards have slight manufacturing or natural blemishes / defects. Most defects do not affect play and we note it if they do. Crokinole Seconds is a division of Crokinole Canada.

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What are Crokinole Seconds?

  • Returns

    All crokinole board sales are final. We only accept returns if the crokinole board is damaged in shipping.

  • Shipping Times

    Ship speed for boards is generally 2-5 business days to Canada and 5-8 business days to the USA.

  • Discounts

    All crokinole boards are discounted anywhere from $10 - $70 CAD due to them having minor manufacturing defects, asthetic blemishes, or natural blemishes.